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Volume 33, Issue 4
October 2011
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: Biblical history and the role of science
by Jonathan Sarfati
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–13 Pygmy pipehorse pipe dream
by David Catchpoole
14–17 Did Hitler rewrite the Bible?
by Russell Grigg
18–21 Why Bible history matters
by Jonathan Sarfati
22–23 Rapid tomcod
by Carl Wieland
24–27 Creation for kids
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Ape-men … Fact or fantasy? Part 2
by Ron and Lara Gillespie
28–31 Giraffes: walking tall … by design
by David Pitman
32–34 A fullsize ark and it floats
by Frans Gunnink
35–37 Evolution no help in research
Don Batten interviews Soil Microbiologist Professor ‘Skip’ Skipper
38–41 Our young solar system
by Wayne Spencer
42–43 Evolutionists can’t dodge living fossils
by Don Batten
44–46 Atheist spat (Pre-publication version)
by David Anderson
47–49 Trial balloons and the age of the earth
by Tas Walker
50–53 Rapping for the Creator
Gary Bates chats with Dave and Donovan of the rap group Destiny Lab
54–55 Abraham Ulrikab
by Shaun Doyle
56 Locust wings
by David Catchpoole