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Creation Magazine Volume 35 Issue 2 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 35, Issue 3

Creation magazine

Volume 35, Issue 3
July 2013
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: ​Winning against suppression
by ​David Catchpoole
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–14 Slaying yesterday’s dragons
by ​Robert Carter
15–17 ‘Just preach the Gospel!’
by ​Jonathan Sarfati
18–19 ​Getting the Word out
​Carl Wieland talks to Dr Gary Baxter
20–23 ​The flat earth myth
by ​Jonathan Sarfati
24–27 Creation for Kids
Seven ‘C’s’ of Gospel History #3 ​Catastrophe
by Russell Grigg
28–33 ​The hyena—a creature we love to hate
by ​David Catchpoole
34–37 ​The Serpent
by ​Robert Gurney
38–40 Created to be inhabited
by ​Mark Harwood
41–43 ​A watchman for the Lord
​Gary Bates and Scott Gillis chat with evangelist Mark Cahill
44–47 Massive erosion of continents demonstrates Flood runoff
by ​Mike Oard
48–49 ​Monuments from Ancient Assyria confirm biblical history
by ​Peter Masters
50–52 Fascinating flower pots—Noah’s Flood explains Hopewell Rocks, Canada
by ​Tas Walker
53–55 Dr Wally Tow: internationally renowned gynaecologist and pastor
by Jonathan Sarfati
56 ​Arthropods inspire strong, biodegradable material
by Jonathan Sarfati

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