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Volume 36, Issue 4
October 2014
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: The reality of creation
by Jonathan Sarfati
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–15 Model message spreads all over the world
Warren Nunn and David Catchpoole talk to Rod and Nancy Walsh
16–18 Creationist contributions to science
by Don Batten
19 Flights of fancy
by Carl Wieland
20–21 Moeraki boulders of New Zealand
by Tas Walker
22–23 Seabed worm fossils still soft after 500 million years?
by David Catchpoole
24–25 Why would God bother with a tiny planet like Earth?
by Jonathan Sarfati
26 Earth at the centre of the universe?
by Jonathan Sarfati
27 The tarsier’s ‘secret speech’
by David Catchpoole
28–29 Tiny tarsier’s evolution-defying leap
by David Catchpoole
30–33 Creation for Kids
Facing the light
by Erin Hughes and Gordon Howard
34–35 Whale evolution flops
Don Batten
36–39 Charles Lyell—the man who tried to rewrite history
by Russell Grigg
40–41 Mantis shrimp ‘fist’ could inspire new body armour (see pre-publication version)
by Jonathan Sarfati
42–44 Dance—or die!
by David Catchpoole
45–48 ‘Engineered’ for Duty
Gary Bates chats with Chad Duty
49–51 What the New Testament doesn’t say (see pre-publication version)
by Lita Sanders
52–55 Mistakes about mistakes
by Dominic Statham
56 The human nose knows better than we thought
by David Catchpoole