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Creation Magazine Volume 10 Issue 3 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 10, Issue 3

Creation magazine

Volume 10, Issue 3
Published June 1988
52 pages

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2 Editorial
3 Contributors
4 –7 Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
8 –13 Does the earth really move?
Feature Article by Don DeYoung
13 Aristarchus ... ahead of his time
Did You Know?
14 –15 Origin of life
by A. J. Monty White
16 Wonders of Creation
16 Wonders of Creation
17 –19 Feathers—an evolutionary enigma
by Jerry Bergman
20 –23 Genius as evidence of creation
Feature Article by Ian T. Taylor
24 Who invented jet propulsion?
24 Creation Crossword
25 –28 Our World (Creation for Kids)
Creation For Kids
29 –31 Is creationism important in education?
Feature Article by Henry M. Morris
31 Creation Crossword Solution
32 –36 Exciting Australian fossil fish discovery
Feature Article by Andrew Snelling
37 –39 Letters to the Editor
39 The shortest year?
40 –42 Curse and the cure
by John Mann
42 Write a cartoon caption
43 –45 Evolution—A Christian option? Part 3
by John Rendle-Short
46 Fish frozen in time
Science Spot
47 –49 Twelve tent pegs for creation
Feature Article by David C.C. Watson
50 –52 Human behaviour—a biblical view
by John Osgood

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