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Creation magazine

Volume 12, Issue 2
Published March 1990
51 pages

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4 Why Johnny can't think
5 –7 Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
8 –9 Letters to the Editor
10 –14 Roots of modern racism
Feature Article by Ian T. Taylor
15 Top Soviet scientist turns his back on evolution
16 –18 'Little bears' that evolutionary theory can't bear!
Feature Article by Dr Joachim Vetter
19 Now hair this ... !
Science Spot
20 –24 Bridges and bones, girders and groans
Feature Article by Carl Wieland
25 –28 Our World (Creation for Kids)
Creation For Kids
29 Black holes in space don’t support evolution!
Did You Know?
30 –34 How fast can oil form?
Feature Article by Andrew A. Snelling
34 –35 Book review: The new Origins book!
Book Review by Barry A. Tapp
35 Book review: The Sufficiency of Scripture
Book Review by John Rendle-Short
36 –38 Creation and the Resurrection
by Henry M. Morris
39 Wonders of Creation
40 How to stop the creationists
by Henry M. Morris
41 –45 The way we are—psychology and Genesis
Feature Article by Christelle Withers
46 –47 Was there death before Adam?
by Dr A.C. McIntosh
48 –50 Did Noah’s Flood cover the whole earth?
by John D. Morris
50 Evolution—the greatest hoax?
Quotable Quote
51 Eve in genes
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