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Creation magazine

Volume 14, Issue 1
Published December 1991
51 pages

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4 Those amazing discoveries
5 –8 Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
9 Letters to the Editor
10 –12 The hummingbird: God’s tiny miracle
Feature Article by Denis Dreves
13 Platypus tooth bites hard into long-held beliefs
Science Spot
14 –15 How long does a coral reef take to grow?
Creation Question
16 –19 Louis Pasteur
by Ann Lamont
20 ‘Fossil’ pliers show rock doesn’t need millions of years to form
21 Almost as dead as a dodo
by Robert Doolan
22 –25 The fossils shout creation
Feature Article by Robert Doolan
26 –27 Sea salt loses its savour for evolutionists
by Carl Wieland
28 –33 Where are all the human fossils?
Feature Article by Andrew A. Snelling
34 –37 Interview with Dr Dmitri Kouznetsov
Feature Article by Carl Wieland
38 Groping in the dark
Quotable Quote
39 –42 Our World (Creation for Kids)
Creation For Kids
43 –44 John ... the creation evangelist
by Russell M. Grigg
45 Nature Spot
45 Did you know?
46 –47 Something fishy about lungs
Feature Article by Joachim Vetter
50 Horse non-sense
by Geoff Chapman
51 Darwinists’ tactics
Quotable Quote
Published: 27 January 2006