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Creation magazine

Volume 15, Issue 4
Published September 1993
51 pages

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4 Design on the line
Editorial by Robert Doolan
5 Letters to the Editor
6 Fantastic fibre optics in plants!
7 –9 Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
10 –11 Ghostly coincidence in an unusual fish
by Carl Wieland
11 Hitch-hiking lemurs
12 –15 Are dinosaurs alive today?
Feature Article by Robert Doolan
16 –18 The miracle of tears
Feature Article by Jerry Bergman
19 Frog evolution mystery
19 People were always people!
20 –21 Evolutionary faith and the cosmic zoo
by Carl Wieland
22 Evolution incompatible with Christianity
Quotable Quote
22 Moon-dust argument no longer useful
23 Are mammoths still alive?
23 'Living fossil' in Australian caves
24 –25 Shaking hands on a recent creation
by Carl Wieland
26 –29 The diving Bells
Feature Article by Robert Doolan
30 –31 Beetles … nature's workaholics
by Paula Weston
32 ‘Oldest’ hominid footprints show no evolution!
by Alexander R. Williams
32 Spurgeon on evolution
Quotable Quote
33 –36 Our World (Creation for Kids)
Creation For Kids
37 The rabbit doesn't live there anymore!
by Warwick Armstrong
38 –43 The mind of God and the 'big bang'
Feature Article by Russell Grigg
45 'Living Fossils'
by Joachim Scheven
46 –48 ‘A big purple frog behind the moon’
Interview by Carl Wieland, AiG–Australia
49 Can monkeys think?
50 –51 Bias and faith
Creation Question
51 Modern ‘Stone Age’ reconsidered
Published: 27 January 2006