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Creation magazine

Volume 16, Issue 3
Published June 1994
51 pages

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4 Who turned the world upside down?
Editorial by Robert Doolan
5 Letters to the Editor
6 Bat sonar points to creation
Quotable Quote
7 –9 Focus
10 –14 Created to fly!
Feature Article by Robert Doolan
15 Those bones
Creation Question
15 Coral on a shoe
16 –18 A tale of two graves
by Ken Ham
19 –21 Is cruelty normal?
Feature Article by Carl Wieland
22 –23 Hotting up for an ice age
24 –25 Forked seams sabotage swamp theory
Feature Article by Andrew A. Snelling
26 –27 God’s little green machines
by John V. Collyer
28 –30 Axing evolutionary ideas—stone dead!
by Marvin Lubenow
31 –34 Our World (Creation for Kids)
Creation For Kids
35 –37 Super-scientist slams society’s spiritual sickness!
Feature Article
38 –40 The amazing sea horse
Feature Article by David Juhasz
41 Evolution under (or wool over?) our eyes
42 –43 'But if creation is true, why don't all scientists believe it?'
by Ross S. Olson
44 Professors: A day means a day!
Quotable Quote
44 Top geology student: Millions of years needs imagination
45 Job and creation
by Charles V. Taylor
46 –47 Chalking up another one for Flood geology
47 Book review: Stones and Bones
Book Review
48 –49 Strategy of the Devil
by Russell M. Grigg
50 Rapid fossils
by Ron Calais
50 Seeing ape-men everywhere?
Quotable Quote
51 Ghostly shrimp challenges evolution!
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