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Creation magazine

Volume 17, Issue 4
Published September 1995
52 pages

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4 Why ‘bad’ seems ‘OK’ to some
5 Letters to the Editor
6 Human speech didn't evolve from animal grunts
Quotable Quote
6 Living fossils
by Joachim Scheven
7 –9 Focus: news of interest about creation and evolution
10 –13 The marvellous ‘message molecule’
Feature Article by Carl Wieland
13 It’s in the blood!
14 –16 What’s happened to the horse?
by Peter Hastie
17 –19 Bones overthrown
Feature Article by Carl Wieland
20 –23 Creation and conservation
Feature Article by Ken Ham
24 Frankensteins and foetus dinners
by Carl Wieland
25 Darwin’s contribution?
by Don Batten
26 –27 Who invented jet propulsion?
28 –30 Darwin’s mystery illness
by Russell Grigg
31 –34 Our World (Creation for Kids)
Creation For Kids
35 –37 Reflections on the emperor’s new clothes
by Ralph Matthews
38 –40 ‘Instant’ petrified wood
Feature Article by Andrew Snelling
42 –44 The dodo bird ... an example of survival of the fittest
by Jerry Bergman
45 Differences between humans and animals
by Andrew Lansdown
46 –48 Dancing bees
by Robert Doolan
49 –51 10 dangers of theistic evolution
by Werner Gitt
52 ‘Snake-head’ moth
52 Rubik’s cubes and blind men
by Carl Wieland
52 Creationwise—cartoon
by Dan Lietha