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Creation Magazine Volume 19 Issue 1 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 19, Issue 1

Creation magazine

Volume 19, Issue 1
Published December 1996
52 pages

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4 Ape-men and spacemen
5 Letters to the Editor
6 Creation Science News
7 –9 Focus: news of interest about creation and evolution
10 –13 ‘Lost world’ animals—found!
Feature Article by Carl Wieland
14 –17 Fathers, promises and vegemite
by Ken Ham
16 Creationwise—cartoon
by Dan Lietha
18 –20 Life on Mars?
Feature Article by Jonathan Sarfati
21 –22 Human/chimp DNA similarity
by Don Batten
23 –25 How long were the days of Genesis 1?
by Russell Grigg
26 –29 The world of whales
by Angela Meyer
30 Rhinos and nature worship
31 –34 Our World (Creation for Kids)
Creation For Kids
35 –38 Inherit the Wind: an historical analysis
Feature Article by David Menton
39 –40 Sandy stripes
by Don Batten
42 –43 Tackling the big freeze
Interview by Carl Wieland
44 –46 Orchids ... a witness to the Creator
by Geoff Chapman
47 Bird-brain matches chimps
48 –49 A comic at ‘Hart’
Feature Article by Robert Doolan
50 –51 Giant egg mystery
by Carl Wieland
52 'Ape-woman' statue misleads public: anatomy professor

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