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Creation magazine

Volume 19, Issue 3
Published June 1997
52 pages

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4 The wrong glasses
Editorial by Carl Wieland
5 Letters to the Editor
6 The clock in the rock
6 Are people getting smarter?
Quotable Quote
6–9 Focus: news of interest about creation and evolution
10–14 The lost squadron
Feature Article by Carl Wieland
15–17 Millions of years and the 'doctrine of Balaam'
by Ken Ham
18–19 Green River Blues
by Paul Garner
20 Why bother feeding your children?
21–22 Euthanasia: hospital humanism
Feature Article by Chan Perry
23 Hello Dolly!
by Carl Wieland
24–25 Providential planting
Feature Article by James J. Scofield Johnson
26–29 Revelations in the solar system
Feature Article by Wayne Spencer
30 Beetle bloopers
by Carl Wieland
31–34 Our World (Creation for Kids)
Creation For Kids
35–37 Joshua's long day
Feature Article by Russell Grigg
38–39 Buried birth
40–43 Probing the earth’s deep places
Feature Article by Carl Wieland and Don Batten
44–45 Splashing success
by Rodney McQueen
46–48 Exploding stars point to a young universe
by Jonathan Sarfati
48 Quotable quote
49–51 The creation music man (who makes dinosaurs)
Interview by Don Batten
52 Spot the difference