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Creation Magazine Volume 19 Issue 4 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 19, Issue 4

Creation magazine

Volume 19, Issue 4
Published September 1997
56 pages

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4 The child-stealers
5 Letters to the editor
6 Mammoth among the pharaohs?
by Dennis Swift
7 –9 Focus: news of interest about creation and evolution
10 –12 Did plants evolve?
Feature Article by Alexander Williams
12 Big-bang certainty ...
Quotable Quote
13 –15 Demolishing ‘straw men’
by Ken Ham
16 –17 Reading between the lines
by Don Batten
18 –21 ‘He made the stars also …’ (Genesis 1:16)
Feature Article by Carl Wieland and Jonathan D.Sarfati
22 –23 The lies of Lynchburg
by Carl Wieland
24 –25 Fast fossils
by Carl Wieland
26 –29 Camels—confirmation of creation
Feature Article by Paula Weston
29 Would planes sink into ice?
30 –32 The Galileo 'twist'
by Russell Grigg, M.Sc.(Hons)
33 –36 Our world (Creations for kids)
Creations For Kids
37 ‘Instant’ stalagmites!
by Don Batten
38 –42 Sea monsters … more than a legend?
by Rebecca Driver
42 –43 Sensational dinosaur blood report!
Feature Article by Carl Wieland
44 –45 Double trouble
by Greg Hanington
46 –48 God and the extraterrestrials
Feature Article by Werner Gitt
49 Flighty flap
by Jonathan Sarfati
50 –51 Farming frustrations? ...
by Jack Walker
52 –53 Pressing on
Feature Article
54 –55 A wonderfully bizarre bird
by Tom Hennigan
55 Mars photos—no Martians
56 Aping art

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