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Creation Magazine Volume 2 Issue 1 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 2, Issue 1

Creation magazine

Volume 2, Issue 1
Published January 1979
19 pages

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1 Ministry update
2 –3 Happenings
4 Quotes to note
Quotable Quote
5 –8 Viruses
by Dr Carl Wieland
8 Ancient steelmakers
9 Excerpt from article by Sir MacFarlane
9 Bubble, bubble, Hoyle in trouble
10 Cytogenetics - another blow to evolution
by Dr Carl Wieland
11 –16 The Earth's magnetic field
Feature Article by Brian D. Eglinton
17 The Pineal gland - not a useless relic after all
by Dr Carl Wieland
18 –19 Tasmanian aborigines - another example of cultural 'devolution'
by Dr Carl Wieland
19 News on the Piltdown hoax