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Creation magazine

Volume 21, Issue 4
Published September 1999
56 pages

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4 Myth-making: The power of the image
5 Feedback
6 Sparking interest in rapid rocks
7–9 Focus: news of interest about creation and evolution
10–13 Stormy seas
Interview by Carl Wieland
13 Darwinism, morality and the tiger
Quotable Quote
14–15 Blown away by design
Feature Article
16–20 Geology and the young earth
Feature Article by Tas Walker
21–23 Genesis and Generation X
by Geoff Stevens
24 –25 Mokele-mbembe: a living dinosaur?
by David Catchpoole
26–27 Holy war?
Feature Article by James Foard
28–32 Heard of elephants?
by Paula Weston
33 Golden oldie
by David Catchpoole
34–37 Creation for Kids
by Dan Lietha and Stacia Byers
38–41 God and the electron
Feature Article by Carl Wieland and Jonathan Sarfati
42–45 The god of an old earth
Feature Article by Ken Ham
46–47 Regenerating ribs
by Carl Wieland
47 Science ... a reality check
Quotable Quote
48–50 A sweet revelation
by Tom Hennigan
51 Birdbrains?
by Bill Mehlert
52–53 Teaching and defending creation in the church
by Paul Feifert
54–55 Walking trees …
by Russell Grigg
56 How did millions of mammoth fossils form?
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