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Creation magazine

Volume 22, Issue 1
Published December 1999
56 pages

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4 The Holocaust and evolution
Editorial by Jonathan Sarfati
5 Feedback
6 Fossil flip-flop
by Tas Walker
7–9 Focus: news of interest about creation and evolution
10–14 The (second) greatest catastrophe of all time
Feature Article by Steve Cardno
15–17 ‘The people who walk backwards into the future.’
Interview by Russell Grigg
17 How to build a bomb in the public school system
by David Catchpoole
18–21 Radioactive ‘dating’ failure
by Andrew Snelling
22–26 Towering change
Feature Article by Carl Wieland
27–31 The sun: our special star
by Jonathan Sarfati
32–35 Creation for Kids
by Dan Lietha and Stacia Byers
36–38 Professing creation
Feature Article by Carl Wieland and Jonathan Sarfati
38 Telling it straight
Quotable Quote
39–42 Creation: ‘where’s the proof?’
by Ken Ham
42 The pinnacle of evolutionary wisdom?
Quotable Quote
43–45 Electrical design in the human body
Feature Article by Craig Savige
46–49 In the days of Peleg
by Larry Pierce
50–51 Darwin’s quisling
Feature Article by Russell Grigg
52 –53 Serpentine subtlety
by Heath Curtis
54–55 Enter the sea dragon
by Paula Weston
56 Well-armed water fleas and radishes
by Carl Wieland
Published: 27 January 2006