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Creation magazine

Volume 22, Issue 3
Published June 2000
56 pages

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4 ‘Evolution made me do it!’
5–7 Focus: news of interest about creation and evolution
8–13 The slippery slide to unbelief
Feature Article by Ken Ham and Stacia Byers
14–16 Dragons: animals ... not apparitions
by Timofey Alferov
17–19 Reshaping people
Feature Article by Carl Wieland
20–22 Hummingbird hitch-hikers
by Russell Grigg
23 Feedback
24–27 Great Creation Scientists
Feature Article by Ann Lamont
28–33 Ligers and wholphins? What next?
Feature Article by Don Batten
34–37 Creation for Kids
by Dan Lietha and Stacia Byers
38–39 Slow fish in China
by Tas Walker
40–44 Gravity
by Don DeYoung
45 H.G. Wells, evolution and the Gospel
Quotable Quote
45 Call for honesty on origins
Quotable Quote
46–48 The large ships of antiquity
by Larry Pierce
49–51 The 'fungus' that 'walks'
Feature Article by Rodney McQueen and David Catchpoole
52–53 Drowned from below
by Alexander Williams
53 Education for loss
Quotable Quote
54–55 Olympic dream
by Carl Wieland
56 Message in a bottle
by Tas Walker
Published: 27 January 2006