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Creation magazine

Volume 23, Issue 2
Published March 2001
56 pages

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4 The canyon and the panda
Editorial by Carl Wieland
5–7 Focus: news of interest about creation and evolution
8–12 God makes dreams out of nothing
Feature Article
13–15 Speedy species surprise
by David Catchpoole and Carl Wieland
16–18 The big picture
Feature Article by Ken Ham
19–21 Bullet-proofing belief
by Don Batten and Jonathan Sarfati
20–21 God's webspinners give chemists free lessons
by Jonathan Sarfati
22–27 Coal: memorial to the Flood
Feature Article by Tas Walker
28–32 The bamboozling panda
by David Catchpoole
33 Feedback
34–37 Creation for Kids
by Dan Lietha and Stacia Byers
38–41 Ready to prey
Feature Article by Karl Priest
42–45 Talking point
by Kevin May
46–50 Sharks: denizens of the deep
Feature Article by Paula Weston
51–53 Morning has broken ... but when?
by Russell Grigg
54–55 The Darwin/Trotsky connection
by Barry Woolley
56 The Ararat anomaly
by Andrew Lamb
Published: 27 January 2006