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Creation magazine

Volume 24, Issue 3
Published June 2002
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 A Beatle's search for God?
Editorial by Carl Wieland
7 Focus—news of interest
10–12 Furry little humans?
by Carl Wieland
13–15 It doesn’t take a rocket scientist …
by Carl Wieland and Jonathan Sarfati
16–19 Eisegesis
by Ken Ham
19 Quotable Quote
20–23 Devils Tower and Bible Glasses
by Tas Walker
24–25 Useless horse body parts? No way!
by Jonathan Sarfati
26–27 The Love Trap
by Russell Grigg
27 Pressing on for creation
28–30 The Sulawesi bear cuscus
by Paula Weston and Carl Wieland
31–33 Babel
by John Whitcomb
34–37 Creation for kids
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Dating Methods
by Dan Lietha and Stacia Byers
38–40 Uranus
by Spike Psarris
41–43 What's in an Egg?
by David Catchpoole
44–47 The Creation Basis For Morality
by Steve Cardno
47 Nazis planned to exterminate Christianity
by Jonathan Sarfati
48–49 The Amazing Stone Bears of Yorkshire
by Monty White
50–53 Cartoon creation
by Steve Cardno and Carl Wieland
54–55 Blood brothers
by Carl Wieland
56 T-Rex
Published: 27 January 2006