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Creation magazine

Volume 25, Issue 4
Published September 2003
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
Feature Article
6 The tyranny of ‘tolerance’
Editorial by Jonathan Sarfati
7–9 Focus: news of interest about creation and evolution
10–14 Neandertal Man—the changing picture
Feature Article by Michael Oard
15 Copying confusion
by Alexander Williams
16–18 Dealing with the heart of the problem
by Gary Bates
19–22 Did God create poodles?
by Ken Ham
23 Monkey madness
by David Catchpoole
24–27 Creation for kids
One big family
by Jasmine Ireland, Stacia McKeever, Steve Cardno and Dan Lietha
28–31 Jellyfish
by Paula Weston
32–33 Hundreds of jellyfish fossils!
by David Catchpoole
34–35 Skeptics challenge: a ‘God of love’ created a killer jellyfish?
by David Catchpoole
36 Horse legs: the special catapult mechanism
by Jonathan Sarfati
37–39 Exploding the big bang!
Feature Article by Gary Bates
40–44 Bishop Bell’s brass behemoths!
Feature Article by Philip Bell
45–47 The grey blanket
by Carl Wieland
48–49 Light-travel time: a problem for the big bang
Feature Article by Robert Newton
50–51 The future—some issues for ‘long-age’ Christians
by Russell Grigg
52–53 Genetic engineers unwind species barrier
by Philip Bell
54–55 Designed by aliens?
by Gary Bates
56 Astonishing acrobatics—dragonflies
Feature Article by Jonathan Sarfati
Published: 27 January 2006