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Creation Magazine Volume 27 Issue 1 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 27, Issue 1

Creation magazine

Volume 27, Issue 1
Published December 2004
56 pages

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4 Feedback
6 Separation of faith and reality
Editorial by Don Batten
7 –9 Focus: news of interest about creation and evolution
10 –12 Dinosaur fairy tales
Feature Article by Tas Walker
13 The superbaby mutation
by Jonathan Sarfati
14 –17 The things that are not
18 –21 Galaxy games
Feature Article by Andrew Rigg
22 –23 Taming your caveman children?
by Carl Wieland
24 –25 The amazing motorized germ
by Steven DeVowe
26 –27 Creation for kids
Teething problems
by Jasmine Ireland
28 –32 Air attack
by Paula Weston
33 One tiny flaw, and 50 years lost!
by Bodie Hodge
34 –38 The ten plagues of Egypt
by Russell Grigg
39 ‘He could have done it that way … couldn’t He?’
by Ken Ham
40 –41 Elite swimmers
by Kevin May
42 –45 The breath of life
by David Demick
46 –49 Manipulating life?
Feature Article by Carl Wieland and Jonathan Sarfati
50 –55 Unmasking a long-age icon
Feature Article by Tas Walker
56 Walking monkey business in Israel
by Carl Wieland