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Creation Magazine Volume 4 Issue 4 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 4, Issue 4

Creation magazine

Volume 4, Issue 4
Published March 1982
92 pages

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3 Editorial
4 Contributors
5 –8 Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
Focus News
10 How to get the most out of Ex Nihilo
11 –18 Design in chemistry
by David Denner
18 Did You Know?
21 –25 Man and dinosaur tracks! Where are they?
by John Morris
27 –29 Astronomical insights
by Barry Setterfield
30 –31 Fossils: clues to past life
32 1859 Terra del Fuego
33 –38 The fossils say what?
by Ken Ham
37 Writing for Ex Nihilo
39 A second look
41 –42 Coping with your past
by John Bean
43 –44 Orion nebulae
Question Box by Barry Setterfield
45 From the Reviewers
46 –47 Educross
48 Professor Sir Edmund Leech
Quotable Quote
49 –50 Linguistics, Genesis and evolution Part 3
by Dr Charles Taylor
51 –53 The Question Box
Question Box
54 –57 Evolution as religion
by David Unfred
59 Did You Know
Did You Know?
60 –64 Letters to the Editor
62 –63 In Brief
65 Nom
67 –71 Creation Science News
72 –76 The origin of the genetic code
by Dr S. E. Aw
77 –78 Techlets
90 –92 The Evolution of Thought

God created everything in six days and rested on the seventh; a good model to follow as individuals. CMI provides new articles 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Will you consider a small gift to support this site? Support this site

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