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Creation Magazine Volume 5 Issue 3 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 5, Issue 3

Creation magazine

Volume 5, Issue 3
Published January 1983
48 pages

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2 Editorial
3 Design—‘Man Computerised Thermostat’
4 –5 Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
Focus News
6 –9 Human fossils—Noah's Flood
by Bill Cooper
9 In Brief—Has light slowed down?
10 The sea horse
by Jerry Bergman
11 The age of Reunion Island
Did You Know?
12 –14 An asteroid tilts the Earth
by Carl Wieland
15 Horse find defies evolution
16 –18 Evolution and science fiction
by Graham Leo
18 About mammoths
Did You Know?
19 What's in a Word—species/kind
20 –21 Creation and creativity
by Christine Fidler
22 –23 The world's oldest diet
by Dr C. Taylor and John Mackay
23 For You to Think About
24 The human thermostat
27 –29 The Australian Aboriginal
30 –31 The tragedy of father and son
by Lorella Rouster
32 –33 Letters to the Editor
34 Nom
Cartoon by Ky
36 –37 Creation Science News
38 –40 The philosophy of the search for the origin of life
by Dr S. E. Aw
41 –46 Using all values of C
by Barry Setterfield
47 –48 The Evolution of Thought

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