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Creation Magazine Volume 6 Issue 1 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 6, Issue 1

Creation magazine

Volume 6, Issue 1
Published July 1983
48 pages

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2 Editorial
3 Contributors
4 –5 Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
Focus News
6 –8 Mt. St. Helens
by J. Mackay
8 Lake of Noah
Did You Know?
9 –11 Mutations
by Gary Parker
12 Who Said It?
13 –15 Creationist purge?
17 Tips from the Creation—Star time
18 –19 Miniaturized space lander
by Wilf Douglas
19 In Brief—For Laymen—A summary of the Technical Article
21 Halleys comet
by Carl Wieland
22 –23 Evolution, chance and creation
by M. Stubbs
24 –26 Creation Science News
28 –29 Creation and creativity Part II
by Christine Fidler
30 –33 Creation and marriage Part II
by J. Mackay
34 –35 The Bible is infallible, But!
by Prof. John Rendle-Short
36 –37 Letters to the Editor
38 Nom
Cartoon by Ky
39 In six days?
Question Box
40 –41 After evolution what?
by Noel Weeks
42 –46 Creationist geology: the Precambrian

by A. Snelling
47 –48 Evolution of Thought

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