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Creation Magazine Volume 9 Issue 2 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 9, Issue 2

Creation magazine

Volume 9, Issue 2
Published March 1987
48 pages

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2 Editorial
3 Contributors
4 –5 Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
6 –7 The human embryo and the errors of evolution
by Gary Parker
8 –11 The fish that got away
by Robert Doolan
12 –16 The bankruptcy of evolution
by Earl Hallonquist
17 How Proconsul got its name
18 –20 Created to fly!
20 The arctic tern
Did You Know?
21 –23 Interview with God's smuggler
Interview by John Mackay
25 Genesis in the jungle
by Ross Jones
26 –28 Genesis and evolution don't mix—Part 2
by Ken Ham
28 Quotable Quotes
Quotable Quote
29 –31 Evolution's influence on modern Bible translations
by Charles Taylor
32 –35 The seven-day cycle
by David Malcolm
36 –37 Creation Science News
38 Genesis and child-rearing
by Lance Box
39 –42 Descent of man—Part 2
by D. James Kennedy
42 Letters to the Editor
43 –46 If Noah built his Ark today
by Robert Doolan and John Mackay
47 –48 Evolution of Thought

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