Creation Ministries International promotes an Old Earth!

By Richard Fangrad, CMI–Canada

January 19, 2002

Later this year I will turn 33. I’m getting old. I have had a full life so far, having travelled with family across Canada and the US in my younger years. When I worked in electronics before CMI, I was sent to England and Franceon business and was able to do some sightseeing, which I enjoyed. I have rafted on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon, had nearly 400 flights in my hang glider and been skydiving 8 times. Ah, the memories!

The Young Earth cover
The Young Earth
Dr John D. Morris

Dr John Morris, a geologist, explains in easy-to-understand terms how true science supports a young Earth.

288 pages.(High School–Adult)

I can remember days, in my younger years when I competed in track-and-field events. Long jump and sprint races were my favourites. My muscles, then at their peak, seemed to just explode with energy when called upon. They don’t seemto listen that well anymore. Vigorous work around the house and garden on Saturday sometimes makes it painful to sit up straight on Sunday mornings! Many of you are likely thinking, ‘What’s he talking about? He’s only 33! I’m much older and have many signs of age that far exceed his!’ Well,I suppose when compared to some, I am still quite young.

Creation Ministries International is sometimes called a ‘Young Earth’ organization to distinguish CMI from others that suggest that the Earth could be older than the Bible clearly claims. However, we are not really promoting a ‘Young Earth!’ We never have been. We are promoting the idea of an extremely old Earth, close to 6,000 years old! That’s really old compared to what we are accustomed to and can comprehend. Can you even grasp how long 6,000 years is? Most of us have difficulty comprehending life just 100 years ago. Around the turn of the last century things like the airplane, the automobile and the telephone were ‘state-of-the-art’. There have been tremendous changes in transportation and communications in just 100 years!

Why is it that we tend to think of a 6,000-year-old Earth as young? Is it not because we have been comparing 6,000-year biblical history to the millions-of-years of evolutionary history that we are so accustomed to hearing about? I was. I first realized that I thought that way after reading an article in Creation magazine.1 My own perception of ‘old’ and ‘young’ was tainted as a result of comparing those terms to evolutionary values for the age of things. How desperately we need to get back to starting all of our thinking with the Bible! It is our hope that through our various outreaches and materials Christians will be built up in their faith, developing a consistent biblical worldview in all areas, including the age of things.

P.S. Of course, CMI’s focus is promoting the truth and accuracy of the Bible. A ‘young’ Earth is the biblical position; therefore that is the position we take.

  1. Wieland, C., The Earth: how old does it look? Creation 23(1):9, 2000.
Published: 3 February 2006