Creation not Confusion: Upstate Creation Conference

Featuring Dr Robert Carter, Gary Bates and Dr David Gallamore

Dr Robert Carter Dr. Robert Carter is a leading creationist genetics researcher with CMI-US in Atlanta, Georgia. A marine biologist (with a doctorate from the University of Miami) he was a co-researcher on the creationist GENE Project collaboration..
Gary Bates Gary Bates is CEO of Creation Ministries International (US). He is also on the editorial staff and a regular contributor to Creation magazine and CMI’s global website
Dr. David Gallamore Dr. David Gallamore has served as Pastor of Rock Springs Baptist Church since 1983. Dr. Gallamore holds degrees from Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute, Southern Baptist Center and a Honorary Doctor of Divinity from Southern Baptist Center for Biblical Studies.
  Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to hear Dr. Robert Carter, Gary Bates and Dr. David Gallamore team up over 2 days to bring you one of the most informative and up to date creation conferences for 2013. Find out how:
  • Beliefs about where we came from determine your overall worldview, your behaviour, and where you think we go when we die.
  • To give a logical and reasonable defense of the Christian faith.
  • To immunize your family against the prevailing evolutionary indoctrination in our society.
  • To help prevent the tragic exodus of young people from the church.
  • The biblical worldview, that includes a 6-day creation event only 6,000 years ago, is a strong defendable scientific alternative to the prevailing evolutionary model.

Creation Not Confusion: Upstate Creation Conference
Friday April 12, 2013
6:30 PM Genesis: the beginning of the Gospel (DG)
7:30 PM Creation Not Confusion (GB)
Saturday April 13, 2013
9:30 AM Meet your ancestors: Adam and Eve! (RC)
11:00 AM UFOs, Aliens and the Evolution Connection (GB)
2:00 PM Dinosaurs & Fossils: Amazing Evidence for Creation! (RC)
3:00 PM Your questions answered (GB & RC)

Venue details
Rock Springs Baptist Church
201 Rock Springs Road
Easley, South Carolina 29642

RC = Dr Robert Carter
GB = Gary Bates
DG = Dr David Gallamore

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