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June 25, 2000

Dear CMI,

Thought I would let you know that I got positive feedback from the head librarian at the Gowanda Free Library last night in response to a subscription to Creation Ex Nihilo that I took out in their name. They received a postcard informing them that they would be receiving their copies soon, and telling them that they received/would be receiving a tape about a debate between a creationist & an evolutionist. I was there using their computers to type a letter and the librarian came over to thank me and share that she had received several calls in recent days from people who had questions about where they came from, thinking the library could tell them apparently. I have been meaning to share a subscription with them for several years and finally did it. I hope God can use this effort to show some local folks around my town the truth about creation.

Additionally I would like to share that I have shared several copies of the book Refuting Evolution with teachers and the principal at Gowanda Central High School, along with some copies of articles from other sources that show problems with current textbooks and cirriculum. Several months ago my son, a senior and soon to be graduate, shared that upon entering his science class one day he found that the previous classes discussion of problems with evolution theory was still on the chalkboard. Keep up the good work.

Published: 2 February 2006

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