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Creation 15(1):22, December 1992

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New creation museum excites thousands

The garden of Eden, Noah's Ark, and the creation of the universe excited thousands of visitors at the September opening of California's new Creation Museum.

The museum is the result of two years of design and construction by the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego.

More than 2,700 visitors flocked to the three-day opening.

The museum took visitors on a tour through history beginning with the six days of creation as described in the book of Genesis.

Displays, science experiments and live animal presentations held the visitors' interest while teaching the truths of biblical creation and the errors of evolution.

President of the Institute for Creation Research, Dr Henry Morris, said he was delighted at the numbers who arrived for the opening tours.

'So many people turned out that guided tours had to be given every seven minutes during some of the afternoon sessions', Dr Morris said.

Staff say the creation museum promises to become a major tourist drawcard in the San Diego area. They say it is designed to present overwhelming evidence that the Bible's account of creation is reliable and that the theory of evolution is scientifically bankrupt.

High I.Q. creationists

Mensa, the world-wide organization whose members all have I. Q.s within the top 2 per cent of the population, has a special interest group dealing with creation science.

The group is coordinated in the United Kingdom by Anni Wilton-Jones.

Mrs Wilton-Jones said she believes it is important to show that belief in creation is compatible with high intelligence. She said she wanted to offer Mensa members the chance to discuss creation science as a real alternative to evolution.

'This is a small group, but it is growing steadily,' she said. 'Inquiries are now coming in at a rate of about one a week.'

Mrs Wilton-Jones said that Mensa special interest groups are open to all Mensa members, regardless of their views, so the group is not actually a creationist organization. But she added that most members are creationists.

Evolution classes under fire

Children could be taught creationism as an alternative to evolution in a plan for fairer education in public schools in New South Wales, Australia.

President of the Call To Australia political movement, Rev. Fred Nile, said he was working to replace an Education Department State-wide ban on creation science in science classes.

'What we are trying to do is to get a formula so that wherever evolution is taught, it would be legal for teachers to say that there are other views, including the creationism view', Mr Nile said.

Mr Nile said he wanted students to know that God, and not evolution, was responsible for creation.