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Creation Ministries International Summer live-in Creation Super camp Monday 5–Friday 9 January 2009

Rise and meet the challenges head-on!
The atheists are on the march like never before. Why? Because creation is also being discussed like never before and they are worried! This weeklong series of lectures and activities will equip you and your children with the necessary tools and information to dramatically affect this world for Christ.
This time of learning and fellowship with like-minded men, women and children, will help you all fulfil your God-given roles in your families, communities and beyond.
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Arrive and Register
Breakfast 8.00–9.00am


Session 1

Devotions Devotions Devotions Devotions
John Baumgardner
Planetary Cataclysm
Plate tectonics modelling—
astounding new insights into Noah’s Flood
Don Batten
How textbooks mislead
‘Facts’ are not neutral–and neither is education
Geoff Downes
Tree rings, dating and changing climates
A forest scientist looks at the secrets of the past
David Catchpoole
Creation Evangelism in an ‘Islam-aware’ world
Plus: panel/
question time
Morning Tea 10.30–11.00am
Session 2
David Down
Unwrapping the Pharaohs
Fascinating facts about ancient Egypt—and the Bible
John Sanford
The Mystery of Our Declining Genes
Startling data for recent creation—in our DNA
Jonathan Sarfati
Leaving Your Brains at the Church Door?
logic and defending your faith, mechanisms in nature

Questions and Answers (cont.)

plus farewell

Session 3
Lunch 12.30pm
Pack-up and Departure
Free time Geology Excursion
with Tas Walker
Free time
Chess Challenge begins
Geology Excursion
with Tas Walker
John Baumgardner
Models, Genes and Global Warming
High-powered computer techniques yield exciting results for creationists
Afternoon Tea
Session 4
Mark Harwood
A Brief, but True, History of Time
The ‘big picture’–and why it matters
Free time Free time Panel
Questions & Answers
Evening Meal 5.30pm
Session 5
Devotions Devotions Devotions Devotions
Tas Walker
Rapid Rocks
The evidence for global catastrophe
David Catchpoole
‘Let the Earth Bring Forth …’
The evidence for creation in the plant kingdom
Rob Carter
Mitochondrial Eve and the 3 ‘Daughters’ of Noah
Human genetic data fits the Bible better than evolution
John Sanford
How evolution hurts science
From a former evolutionist university researcher
Supper 8.15–8.45pm
Session 6
John Hartnett
In the middle of the action
Our galaxy at the universe’s centre after all?
Carl Wieland
Walking Through Shadows—a Testimony
How Genesis creation gives strength in personal tragedy
John Hartnett
Starlight, Time and the New Physics
A powerful answer to the sceptic’s greatest challenge on ‘age’
Gary Bates
Alien Abductions and UFOs—Exposed
Startling facts about this disturbing phenomenon

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