Creationist research needs YOU!

(Amended 2008)

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Christians need to keep on providing scientific answers within a biblical framework, and refining our case (including exposing whatever flaws there may be in old arguments). We also need to be ready to respond to challenges by critics.

Faith-funded creationist ministries like Creation Ministries International can only do so much, not having access to taxpayer dollars.

Creationist membership societies with hundreds of scientist members are encouraging by their very existence. But they are usually just as hampered by funding constraints, and would dearly love more of their members to get involved in actively helping the creationist model.

We have many qualified scientists and other educated professionals on our mailing lists, and we would like to encourage more of you to each give just a little bit of spare time to creation research issues.



Keith Wanser with laser and other scientific equipment; backdrop of night sky

Start by getting as informed as possible through the existing literature. Creation Ministries International can provide up-to-date catalogues.


Consider researching a particular area with a view to producing a paper. The Journal of Creation is a great place to air it. Remember that Creation Ministries International is more than willing to not only suggest areas of research, but to coordinate networking between scientists as required, as well as providing refereeing through our contacts. If you are concerned that publishing in a creationist journal might affect your employment, for example, a pseudonym may be acceptable. If you are keen to write, see Instructions to potential Journal of Creation authors.

Remember that the Creation/Evolution issue is often not so much about facts as about their interpretation. Often the research results produced by secular institutions operating within an evolutionary framework can be just as useful in providing answers for creationists—it just needs someone to go to the trouble of working it through. We can provide some guidance about how you can draw your research into a suitable paper.


You may be able to do intensive library searching for data, which other writers need and can put together. Contact us—we may have a long-term project with which you could be an enormous help if you have grit and persistence.


Even producing a brief Perspective item on a specialist area, if it will teach and inform Journal of Creation readers, and enable them to share with others, is a worthwhile contribution.


If you are unable to do any of the above (or maybe even if you are), please consider a donation earmarked specifically for research costs. Such donations may be tax deductible in certain countries.


PLEASE pray for us!

Published: 9 February 2006