A great way to help our Darwin Film Documentary

… and receive a unique memento in return


Our documentary film project that retraces the steps of Charles Darwin on his legendary voyage of the Beagle is well underway.  Shooting has taken place in many countries including some amazing locations in South America.  Dramatizations of some of the events surrounding the ideas that helped Darwin form his evolutionary theory will also play a major role in asking the question:

If Darwin knew what we know today, would he still have developed his theories?

The Charles Darwin anniversary celebrations due in 2009 provide a unique opportunity to revisit the ideas put forward by Darwin—ideas that have tragically dominated scientific thought for over 150 years. 

At CMI, we are attempting to ‘take back the ground’ with one of the most exciting film documentaries ever made by a Christian organization.  For this to happen, it needs to be a state-of-the-art top-quality production so that it can be taken seriously by the secular media.  We’ve taken a step of faith in committing to it even before the necessary funds have come in.  Will you do the same by getting behind this project?  We’ve been attempting to raise $536,000 (USD) in funding.

To see how we are going, to donate and/or to learn more about this project visit our dedicated website at:  


A unique piece of artwork on offer

Halfway through our campaign one Australian supporter had a novel idea to help with our global fundraising.  She generously commissioned famous Aboriginal artist Donny Woolagoodja (www.wandjinadonny.com) to paint his local tribe’s legend of the great Flood of Noah’s day (see picture). 

In Australia the legend of the ancient ‘Wandjinas’ is very well-known, and genuine Aboriginal art is highly valued around the world.  The painting is a great conversation starter as just one example of how the majority of tribal groups across the world have stories, although now corrupted, that point back to God’s judgement of the people of the earth.

(Click on picture for bigger image)

Donate and get a canvas reproduction!

We will eventually auction this very valuable painting, as Donny’s original artworks normally sell for many thousands of dollars, with even some prints able to fetch four-figure sums.  But in the meantime he has given us permission to make a limited number of reproductions of his dedicated and unique painting, to help our film project.  Therefore, for every donation over $500 to this project, anywhere in the world, we will provide a canvas reproduction (XXmm x XXmm/ XX” x XX”) accompanied with a written explanation of the Wandjina Flood legend.  We’ve noticed that even paper reproduction prints can sell for many hundreds more than this on E-Bay.  What a great piece of (conversation-starting) original Australian art to have hanging in your home!

(Please note that your gift will be posted from Australia).