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Did Christianity cause the Dark Ages?

24 September 2004

Didn’t Christianity cause the Dark Ages by surpressing scholarship and keeping peasents from becoming illiterate?


Didn’t Christianity cause the Dark Ages

No, it caused the world to come out of the Dark Ages by preserving literature and providing the philosophical framework for modern science which had been stillborn in other cultures.

by surpressing scholarship

No, the churches founded the major universities of the world like Oxford, Cambridge, Geneva, Harvard and Yale.

and keeping peasents from becoming illiterate?


Yes, the churches did keep peasants from becoming illiterate. Don’t you approve?

Jonathan Sarfati (Ph.D.)

[Editor’s note: See also Who invented the flat earth?]

Thank you for opening my eyes

I was really just wanting to thank Dr Sarfati for his excellent work on many different things that I have had the pleasure to read of his. I also, would like to bring to his attention an article that I have ran into recently concerning his stem cell research article. The article I am wanting him to see is from a magazine called “B’NAI B’RITH” the fall 2004 issue on pgs. 28–31 written by Ruth Ebenstein. I simply wanted to point out this article because of the fact if it were not for reading Dr Sarfati’s I would have probably been sucked into the view that has been posted in Ms Ebenstein’s article. Thank you again for opening my eyes to the truth in so many different areas.

Your brother in Christ,

Published: 3 February 2006

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