Dispensing the cure for a sick society

by , CMI–Australia

12 July 2003

Our society is suffering a sickness—moral decay! In an age of personal freedoms, where an individual’s ‘right’ to do what is right in their own eyes is also seen as politically correct, most people—including some Christians—feel powerless to do anything about society’s ills.

When a sickness reaches epidemic proportions, there is a frantic search for a cure. Consequently, polio and smallpox have been virtually eradicated due to vaccines. If doctors were on the verge of finding a cure for cancer or arthritis, and they asked people to donate and help their search for such a cure, most people would be happy to oblige. So what is the answer for a sick society?

Castle problem "Problem"

My mind goes back to the early days. I can remember Carl Wieland explaining that the ills in our society, such as increasing lawlessness, abortion, homosexual behaviour, etc., were just symptoms of the real problem. I’m sure that many of you are now familiar with our ‘famous’ castle diagram (shown left). It aptly demonstrates that most Christians are addressing the symptoms only, and are not also dealing with the foundational problem of secular humanism, where man decides ‘truth.’ The justification for humanistic beliefs is evolution/long ages, because these undermine the authority of God’s Word, and remove God from His rightful position as Creator (and thus the One who sets the rules).

A recent newspaper article reported on the 25th anniversary of the well-known US Christian ministry, Focus on the Family. It said that: ‘even after Focus has spent [US$] 1.5 billion to promote his [Dr James Dobson’s] version of biblically based parenting practices, other forces have prevailed. “Wherever you choose to stick the thermometer, you can see that we are a nation in a great deal of trouble,” Dr Dobson said.’ Further on, the article states: ‘But Dr Dobson says the ministry has little to show for its long-running opposition to abortion, pornography and gay rights. There are signs, too, that the family values movement is losing steam.’

I am not criticizing the tremendous efforts of Dr Dobson and his ministry, but am merely pointing out that he, and many other Christian leaders today, do recognize that something is dreadfully wrong, despite all the ‘symptom-fighting.’ Unfortunately, many of these same leaders believe that restoring the authority of the Bible at its Genesis foundations is just a side issue, and some even actively oppose [CMI]. However, comments from public school chaplains and even our own ministry into public schools (when invited), constantly remind us that this is a real, red-hot issue. One school chaplain recently testified:

‘We attended the school armed with answers about drugs and sex etc, and all the students wanted to know was, “who were Adam and Eve.”’

A recent editorial in a secular New Zealand current affairs magazine called Investigate wrote in its editorial:

‘Our article on the weaknesses in current evolutionary theory … caused a lot of people to wonder for the first time, whether the Darwinian theory they learnt at school is correct at all. We have had support from across the board and a huge surge in subscriptions.’

Doesn’t this demonstrate that people are really looking for answers, and, most of all in this ‘confused’ world—the truth?!

Castle Diagram "Solution"

Jesus reminds us in Mark 2:17, … It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.The problem though, is that our evolutionized humanistic society disregards its medicine, the authority of the Bible which leads them to the cure—Jesus—the Saviour of this fallen world.

It is so sad that so many Christian leaders fail to make the connection between the acceptance of a false history of the world, and abandonment of belief in the Bible. But with your prayers and financial support, [CMI] has been administering the medicine, and fighting the battle where it’s really at, ‘the foundational level.’

Perhaps we’ll leave the last word with Dustin S. who wrote the following:

‘I would like to personally ask that [CMI] continue providing rebuttals to the major arguments that evolutionists are pitting against creationists. I deal with skeptics, theological liberals, and unbelievers each day with my current job situation, and the information that I have found … has been way too beneficial in my witnessing opportunities.’

Recognizing he is part of the ‘cure,’ he adds:

‘I am ashamed to say that I have not donated any $ to [CMI] in the last months due to personal slackness and previously low funds in my personal budget. The Lord has convicted me on this and I now feel obligated to provide at least some meagre financial support each month. This is the least that I can do, especially when I print out the scientific articles that you send me … .’

Thank you to Dustin, and all of you for partnering with us in our efforts to impact this world for Christ.

Published: 6 February 2006