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Please do something about Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Published: 21 July 2018 (GMT+10)

Today’s feedback is from J.T. from U.S.A. asking for help about the tourist interpretive center at Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.

My name is J.T. and I'm a pastor's wife from Illinois. I have an idea I want to share with you.

On a recent visit to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky I noticed all the pro-evolution/millions of years information in the visitor center. It talked all about the eyeless fish being evidence of evolution, about the caves and stalagmites/stalactites forming over "millions of years," etc.

I thought about how this information could turn people away from trusting the Bible.

I looked up some articles from your website on eyeless fish and karstology [the study of caves and limestone] to share with my kids as my husband drove us home after our visit.

It gave me an idea. What if your group put up some small roadside exhibits as close as possible to national/state parks with information about the parks from a Creation science perspective?

Or even just an eye-catching billboard with a picture of the attraction and a thought provoking question like, "DID THIS CAVE REALLY FORM OVER MILLIONS OF YEARS? FIND OUT BY GOING TO CREATION.COM!

You could even set up a little booth the size of a bus stop and include placards with pictures similar to the ones in the park visitor centers. Like a placard with a picture of eyeless fish along with your article about eyeless fish from your website. You could even include brochures or links to a virtual brochure.

I know this sounds expensive. But maybe you could contact area churches that believe in Biblical creation. See if any of the churches or their members might have land near the park next to a main road. If they do, maybe they could let you put up the exhibit on the land free of charge as a ministry. Or area churches could help fund the exhibit.

I think this could be a very effective tool to help reach people with the truth.

I just thought I'd share my idea in case you may be interested in using it.

Thanks for reading and considering this suggestion!


CMI writer/speaker Dr Tas Walker responded:

Hi J.T.,

Thanks for your message and your idea. Yes, it is sad that these tourist places present their information in terms of millions of years, but we are in the middle of an enormous spiritual battle in this world, so it calls for us to respond. And yes, the constant repetition of these ideas does affect people’s confidence in the Bible. We see the impact of that on young people leaving the church and the resistant attitude of people in the west we are trying to reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

CMI produces lots of ‘ammunition’ to help counter this relentless onslaught of evolution. We produce inexpensive brochures including ones about specific geological sites around the world. We have published articles about many sites in the USA (Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Channelled Scablands, Niagara Falls, Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, Stone Mountain, etc.), but we do not have one on Mammoth Cave National Park.

As far as your suggestion goes, I recommend you ask the Lord what He wants you to do since you are the one who has experienced the concern about the situation. That is how I got involved with CMI many years ago. In 1993, my wife and I were touring New Zealand and I was distressed by the constant evolutionary indoctrination at every tourist site. That motivated me to write a paper about geology for the International Conference of Creationism, and to enrol in a course at university to obtain a geology degree. That turned my life in a whole new direction.

The Lord leads different people in different ways.

Setting up a small roadside exhibit doesn’t seem to me to be very practical. Being small, not many people would stop to visit it. It would require manpower, time, and money. There are many small creation exhibits around the country but most find it a struggle. All the same, every little bit helps. A successful exhibit needs to be in a place where lots of people go, and to be big enough and bright enough to make people want to visit it.

Here is one idea for you to test. You could produce a small, inexpensive card about the caves (printed on a computer). You could contact the centre at Mammoth Cave and ask them to put the cards on display. They may agree to make such cards available for people to take. I must admit that seems unlikely, but you never know. And you can easily test that idea.

We regularly publish reports of people who engage in various methods of creation outreach. Our hope is that these reports will encourage others to do something similar.

Along these lines, it may be possible for someone to conduct creation tours of Mammoth Cave National Park similar to the tours at the St Louis Zoo. I understand that such tours can provide a small income for people who do them.

People have different ways of spreading the truth of creation, including developing a creation-outreach lifestyle. For example, some people give out back issues of Creation magazine as they go about their lives. I do that all the time—to shop keepers, people I meet in the park, to neighbours, to people at the mall, etc. I know other people who also give them out. I’ve seen someone give a Creation magazine to the guide at a tourist center, similar to Mammoth Cave.

People also engage the guides at such tourist places, but in a nice way. They might say such things as, “No, this formed in Noah’s Flood. No-one was there to see that. Those dates can’t be right. There are other explanations for how that formed.” Of course, we should be polite and respectful. For example, it is good to do this in a light-hearted, cheerful way. During a visit to a local cave in our country I heard one of our group say to the guide, “No, it must be 60,000 and ONE years old. You said 60,000 years last year.” When challenged, guides will usually back down. One guide that my wife challenged said, “I agree with you. But that is what I was told to say. I’ve only been here two weeks.”

Another method people use is to give out Creation.com cards as they go about their daily lives. These cards are small, inexpensive, and easy to carry. And they point people to a dedicated web page that answers their questions.

One other course of action is for the churches in the area to invite a CMI speaker and take advantage of the various programs available. This would raise the general awareness of the whole community of the problem and to give people ideas and resources that they could use.

Your email is encouraging. I’m planning to publish it with my reply as a feedback on Creation.com. Perhaps someone will be motivated to write or do something about Mammoth Cave National Park.

The Lord bless you and your family in abundance in every way,

Dr Tasman Walker

Scientist, Writer, Speaker

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Readers’ comments

Christopher W.
There are many hundreds of "Pro-evolution" and/or popular science sites around. These often have discussion blogs on them, rather like this site does. I have from time to time added a comment from a creationist standpoint. Now, ** important tip coming up ** you will need to obtain a secondary email address as usually you need to register when posting comments. You will have unimaginable insults hurled at you once the other correspondents realise that the facts are insufficient to support their belief system. With that in mind, its important to take your time, look up points raised in the discussion on suitable creationist sites, carefully form a polite and well presented answer.

Remember, you answer isn't just for the bloggers on the day in question, but will be trawled by google and found by subsequent searches often for years to come. Avoid blatant theology of full evangelical statements of faith - the objective is to force people to think, not provide answers. Ask questions that have no sensible evolutionary answer, let them figure out the problems for themselves. Even better, find a friend and both contribute to the same blog "good cop, bad cop" style. One poses the problem, the other answers it.

Once they start thinking, they will start searching, and articles from places like Creation.com and AiG.com etc etc will soon be found, and from there the will have to confront that inconvenient truth about the existence of God.

NB: Also, don't use Facebook login or anything else when contributing to such sites. One authentication system that seems ok is called Disqus. Open a Disqus account. You then login on discussion sites using the Disqus credentials, which keeps your email private. You can manage replies etc and look on the web for Disqus enabled forum sites.

This leads to a secondary aspect: how many readers would feel confident at doing this? Not many judging from the few Creation inspired answers on these websites. Maybe CMI needs a mentoring scheme with the intent that those who join as mentees learn how to read and analyse such evolutionary biased sites, where to find answers, how to search creationist articles, and how to respond, and in due course (a year or two) become proficient enough to do so by themselves. Even if initially one finally doesn't post the answer, just by researching it and writing it down in a Journal soon you will have gained the knowledge and confidence to write and post Q&A into these forums.
Mike D.
I often experience this frustration, and think, if people only knew the actual scientific evidence and realise what lies are being told! A thought I had would be to have small inexpensive stickers that could be stuck onto signs that promote millions of year with a message such as "For an alternative explanation of the scientific data regarding the age of the earth go to creation.com/age of the earth" or something of that nature. Of course people would come along and pull the sticker off, especially ardent atheists, but it might stay long enough to get some people to investigate the truth which would be worth it. My only hesitation is whether it would be "walking in wisdom towards those that are without" and make people annoyed at Creation ministries or not. Any thoughts anyone?
Richard P.
When we're finished with Creation Ministries magazines, my wife and I leave them in conspicuous places for people to read - like the doctor's or chiro's waiting room. I left one in the local laundromat recently and was delighted to notice as I passed by that someone was reading it!
Aiden B.
Wonderful and encouraging to see lovely suggestions like this, especially since evolutionary ideas are taught as “scientific fact" in the parks, documentaries, public schools, etc. and yet, there is not even a word toward an alternative. Evolution (cosmic and so on) is worshipped as their unquestionable god. Thankfully, our true God is faithful that promised (Hebrews 10:23) and though we be discouraged at times thinking we're alone such as Elijah, yet the Lord said he left seven thousand for himself (1 Kings 19:18). Likewise, we have not been left alone, we have AiG, CMI, CSE, and much more! And even God himself who created the heaven and the earth (Genesis 1:1).
albie D.
Hi CMI Friends,
Another possibility is to find a restaurant or tourism establishment nearby with creation views and put a display up as you have mentioned. That is what I did at the resort we are running here in the Vredefort Dome in South Africa where i enlarged and printed Tas's article on the impact crater on 4 large prints. Our guides are also taught a creationist view which we present together with the prevailing view in order for people to make their own decisions with as much as possible Information. I also share your view about the enormous ministry potential in tourism. We are working on a concept of "creation adventure camps " as well as "geo-adventure", "science- adventure" and "maths-adventure" camps. Another project is displays on electronic billboards in Potchefstroom, which i can send a copy to see if you can use it. Keep up with the ideas, we are created by the Creator to be creative!
God Bless,
Albie de Villiers
Vredefort Impact Structure
South Africa
Milt M.
A good example of something similar is the Mt. St. Helens Creation Center in Castle Rock Washington run by Paul and Geri Taylor. It is close to Mt. St. Helens and can be included in a visit to the mountain. There you will be fully exposed to the wonderful way God has used Mt. St. Helens in these latter days to teach the world about the great flood of Noah’s day and to set the record straight about many secular ideas that have deceived many.
Dean R.
The wonderful thing to remember is that God is doing something every day despite the discouragement of seeing our culture and God's world being saturated with evolutionary doctrine and unbelief.

Our family had a similar experience in New Zealand last year on holidays. While caving where we were told stalactites took millions of years to form. I piped up and said they can form very rapidly to which the young guy acknowledged.(They leave so much out of their explanations and just expect the public to sallow it hook, line and sinker as some kind of higher knowledge and fact). It also seems a dishonest way to do business to me when you are paying to be guided.

The caves were a great experience, especially seeing the glow worms above as we tubed along and then coming out of the darkness into light in rich rainforest and a running stream that led to deeper water and rapids.There is so much to marvel at in creation.

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