How to support us

The combined donations of Christians from many different walks of life make all the difference in supporting the increasing penetration of our worldwide group of ministries.

Your financial support enables us to not only continue, but increasingly fulfill, our work of arming and equipping believers and challenging unbelief concerning the authority and accuracy of God's Word, the Bible.

  1. Credit Card Donation
    1. One-off donation via credit card
    2. Via your Store Account
  2. Send a Check
    1. World Wide Addresses
  3. For more details, contact us by email.
  • Remember CMI in your will
    1. contact us if requiring advice re wording, etc...


    Which CMI office am I supporting? If you are visiting our website from one of the CMI countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, UK or USA), donations via options 1 and 2 above will go to that country's national office in your currency. If from a non-CMI country (or if using option number 3, PayPal), your donation will be converted to Australian dollars. It will be used in international multi-country ministry operations, unless you direct us otherwise.

    Tax-deductibility? In those CMI countries where applicable (e.g. USA), a formal tax receipt will be issued subsequently by mail.