Dr Jeff Benjamin

Ph.D. in Forestry, Scientist/speaker, CMI–US

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Picture of Dr Jeff Benjamin


Dr Benjamin was converted to Christ in his late 20s after determining that the Genesis account of creation could not be reconciled with the theory of evolution. He began to wrestle with these two worldviews after a guest speaker in a university class provided a critique of evolution. The presenter challenged Jeff’s way of thinking about things like how fossils are made, the lack of transitional fossils, and how rock ages are determined. After reading creation science books (such as CMI’s Refuting Evolution) and articles, Jeff was eventually convinced that the Genesis account was historically true. This then led him to consider the truth of the Bible in its entirety which resulted in him recognizing his need of salvation.

Jeff earned a B.Sc. in Forest Engineering from the University of New Brunswick (Canada) in 1997. After working in British Columbia for five years preparing geometric road designs and conceptual bridge designs for industry clients, he went back to the University of New Brunswick to obtain a Ph.D. in Forestry. He successfully completed the program in 2006 with a dissertation on lumber quality and knot characteristics in black spruce trees. Jeff then served nine years as the forest operations professor at the University of Maine before serving six years at a local church and affiliated Christian School in various roles including Head of School and Executive Administrator.

Dr Benjamin is currently an Associate speaker for CMI. He continues to live in Maine and works for a local IT company as a business analyst and director of professional development.

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