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Dr Mark Brunacci (MBBS, FRACGP)-General Practitioner

Dr Mark Brunacci was born and raised in Canberra and is the son of Italian migrants who came to Australia in 1960. He had a good Catholic upbringing and education which meant, of course, that he comfortably held unquestioned theistic evolutionary beliefs. Upon his entry into Sydney University, when challenged, he was unable to “give an answer… for the hope that was in him” [1 Peter 3:15]. Thus, without being able to justify what he knew must somehow be true, he wandered in a “spiritual wilderness” for 4 years before being gently led by God back to His Church, and a renewed and deeper faith. He was baptised in the Baptist church where he worshipped for over 20 years. Apart from his faith, Mark also found his future wife, who introduced him to the previously unconsidered (but delightful) idea that Genesis might actually be historically true. Attendance at the unforgettable and infamous Gish/Plimer debate (Uni of NSW, 1988) settled the issue beyond question as Dr Plimer’s extraordinary impersonation of the “Emperor with No Clothes” revealed Evolution as the empty vessel that it was.

Meanwhile, Dr Brunacci graduated in Medicine (1989) and went on to train in General Practice, which he did for 15 years (until 2009) in a NW Sydney practice. Along with his remarkable wife Elizabeth, he now has 7 children and works both as a Surgical Assistant and in Aged Care, caring for patients within various Nursing Homes in the Hawkesbury area.

He is a long-standing member of the Sydney CMI Friends group and is also a CMI Speaker. The certainty (fostered by CMI’s influence and vast resources) that God’s revealed Word is true and totally reliable is now the rock solid foundation for Dr Brunacci’s faith and he is passionate for others (especially youth) to be able to share this liberating knowledge.