Dr Samuel Gan, B.Sc., AKC, AHEA, MBPsS, Ph.D.

Dr Samuel Gan gained his B.Sc. in Molecular Cell Biology from University College, London and his Ph.D. in Allergy from King’s College, London. He has trained in many areas, including psychology (B.Sc from Open University, and graduate member of British Psychological Society), teaching in higher education (Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice from King’s College, London, and Associate member of Higher Education Academy, UK), and theological/biblical studies (Certificates in Biblical Studies, and Religious Knowledge from Far Eastern Bible College, and Associate of King's College from King's College, London).

He is now a Principal Investigator in A*STAR Singapore, working on viruses, therapeutic antibodies, psychology, and is a pioneer in the field of scientific phone apps, being the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Scientific Phone Apps and Mobile Devices journal previously in Springer Nature.

Samuel continues to be a part-time student in Far Eastern Bible College, Chin Lien Bible Seminary, and Gethsemane (BP Church) Bible Institute, while being a member of Singapore Friends of CMI, writing about many issues in Christianity, including Biblical Creation.


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