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Dr Vij Sodera

Dr Vij Sodera


Dr Sodera was born in India, and has lived in the UK since the age of four. A Christian since 1984, he is a private surgeon, and also writes and publishes medical books.

The second edition of his book One Small Speck to Man ~ the evolution myth, extensively illustrated with his own photographs and drawings, is the result of 15 years’ rigorous exploration of the scientific evidence.

A six-part television studio-documentary, which Vij presented and which was broadcast in 2008, has been made into a 3-DVD set entitled Case for Creation, and includes some of his own wildlife footage and dissections. He has also produced several other DVDs, and is nearly finished a major work on Christian apologetics, with a lavishly illustrated book on Israel shortly to appear also.

Vij is also an accomplished wildlife artist and musician. During his extensive travels, he has undertaken natural history studies and filming for his publishing work, and gives illustrated lectures on how biology disproves evolution.

Biology books:

One Small Speck to Man ~ the evolution myth (2 editions)

Forthcoming books:

  1. GOD ~ the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the PROOF
  2. Israel
  3. Life


  1. Case for Creation (6 x 1hr)
  2. Ape and Human Fossils
  3. Evolution Impossible
  4. Science agrees with the Bible

Medical Books:

    Minor Surgery series (2014):

    • Dermatology: skin tumours and moles ~ a diagnostic atlas
    • Dermoscopy: melanoma, moles and skin tumours ~ a diagnostic atlas
    • Minor Surgery Techniques
    • Minor Surgery Procedures
    • Steroid Injection techniques

    Skin Surgery in General Practice ~ a Diagnostic Atlas (1997–2009)
    Minor Surgery in Practice (1994)
    Illustrated Handbook of Minor Surgery and Operative Technique (1988)