Dr Vij Sodera



Dr Vij Sodera is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.

He has written a number of acclaimed text books on skin tumours and skin surgery.

 He is the author of many books, including the comprehensive One Small Speck to Man ~ the evolution myth, the result of 15 years’ rigorous exploration of the scientific evidence.

A six-part television studio-documentary, which Vij presented and which was broadcast in 2008, has been made into a 3-DVD set entitled Case for Creation, and includes some of his own wildlife footage and dissections.

He is currently working on some new books, three of which are nearing completion: LIFE - the Proof; GOD - the Proof (a 5-volume series); and a comprehensive pictorial guide of Israel from a Biblical perspective.

He has a special interest in comparative anatomy. By blending his knowledge of medicine, surgery and congenital abnormalities with embryological processes, he has a passion for proving that messing with embryology just produces a mess, and that evolution is a biological impossibility.

Biology books:

One Small Speck to Man ~ the evolution myth (2 editions)


  1. Case for Creation (6 x 1hr)
  2. Ape and Human Fossils
  3. Evolution Impossible
  4. Science agrees with the Bible

Medical Books:

Minor Surgery series (2014):

  • Dermatology: skin tumours and moles ~ a diagnostic atlas
  • Dermoscopy: melanoma, moles and skin tumours ~ a diagnostic atlas
  • Minor Surgery Techniques
  • Minor Surgery Procedures
  • Steroid Injection techniques

Skin Surgery in General Practice ~ a Diagnostic Atlas (1997–2009)
Minor Surgery in Practice (1994)
Illustrated Handbook of Minor Surgery and Operative Technique (1988)

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