Editorial censorship?

It was interesting to read your August 2002 Ministries letter, and find that Scientific American published an essay in its June 2002 issue that condemned creationist beliefs. I went to your Web site and read the essay along with the fascinating rebuttal supplied by Dr. Sarfati.

It is not by chance that so many scientific publications are offering such articles in recent months. For example, in the June 2002 issue of Physics Today, two Opinion articles were published which attacked Creationism and Intelligent Design. Physics Today also had another attack article of a similar nature back in 2000 when the events with the Kansas School Board were receiving national attention. And even more amazingly, a narrowly based scientific magazine such as Sky & Telescope offered an attack on Creationism in its August 2000 editorial page. My attempts to get letters to the editors published which challenged the editor's positions for all these events has so far failed.

In my opinion there is an obvious attempt by some evolutionary group to persuade the editors of scientific publications to go out of their way to publish the venom that we have seen lately. It would be interesting to know if your readers have spotted other pro-evolution pieces in the current scientific publications.

David Stoltzmann

Published: 4 February 2006