Your electronic Creation magazine

How to make the most of your digital subscription


Creation magazine is not only available as a printed magazine, but as a digital magazine also. This portable, electronic format provides an enhanced reading experience to subscribers, families, students, and enthusiasts, globally.

You can print articles in Creation magazine format. You can share Creation magazine on up to five electronic devices. You can take Creation magazine with you when you travel; it will take no luggage space. The electronic version is searchable. References to sources are hyperlinked. And, your subscription supports the proclamation of the truth of creation worldwide.

Getting started


You will be advised by email that your Creation magazine has arrived. (Creation magazine is released four times a year, around the beginning of March, June, September, and December).

Some subscribers have found that, due to the setting of their spam filters, their emails regarding Creation magazine are filtered out. So, check your spam/junk mail-box if you don’t think you have received the emails.

Alternatively, you can access your Creation magazine at any time using the link https://www.creationmagazine.com/.

In the email, scroll down and click “Start reading”. Your electronic subscription will open in “Page View” showing the Creation magazine cover.

If you are asked for your log-in, use the email address through which you are subscribed.

Page View


When your Creation magazine opens in “Page View”, you can change the size of the page, scroll through the table of contents, and select articles. To move through the pages, click the arrows on each side. You can choose to view one or two pages at a time. You can hide the table of contents (and expand it again). Page view shows the layout of the page as it appears in the magazine. You can print pages to paper or pdf. Also, you can also download a full pdf of the magazine, which may be around 40 MB or so in size.

Reading View


“Reading View” is designed for easy reading of articles. Click the “Reading View” button at the top right to go to “Reading View”. (To go back to Page View, click the button again.)

You can read completely through an article without needing to go back up the page for the next column (as you would in “Page View”). This is convenient on devices with smaller screens. Use the scroll wheel on the mouse (or just scroll with your finger on a touch screen device) to scroll through the article. Use the left and right arrows at the edge of the article to go to the previous and next articles. To search the article, use the search box above the Table of Contents.

You can also use the Table of Contents to go to different articles. You can hide the TOC for a larger reading view. The button to access the TOC again stays visible. You can change the text size.

The footnotes are hyperlinked. Click the number to show the footnote. Click the screen to return to the article or press <escape>.

Click an image to display its caption. Click the screen to return to the article or press <escape>.

You can share an article using the share button; a selection of platforms is available for sharing.

To print or download an article click “Open TOC” where you can access the “Print” and “Download” buttons.

To access past issues of Creation magazine, click the “Issue Library” button (only those you have paid for will be accessible, using your email address to log in). Alternatively, you can click “Open TOC” and click on the link “Search All Issues”. Click on the past issue you wish to read, and it will open in the reading platform. If you do not select another issue use your browser’s “back” arrow to return to the reading platform.

Enjoy your digital Creation magazine

We hope this guide helps you enjoy your digital subscription to Creation magazine and appreciate the many features you can use. As you connect with the latest creation information in Creation magazine you and your family will become more knowledgeable, more informed, and more confident of the amazing creation of our amazing Creator God.