Ancient DNA

Illuminating the tapestry of biblical human history

A brand new video by Dr Robert Carter is arriving soon! Fresh discoveries of ancient DNA point to a biblically accurate understanding of origins.

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A genetic revolution is happening

For many reasons, ancient DNA shouldn’t exist, but it does. Its very existence is challenging a lot of things we thought were true. Not only do we now know that Neanderthals were human, the whole story of early human history, migration, and global interactions has been upended.

What you’ll discover in Ancient DNA

Join Dr Robert Carter in a deep-dive into an amazing and mysterious field. Learn about cave bears and mastodons. Look into the earliest stages of human migration into Europe, Africa, and the New World. And see how all this fits into the biblical picture, specifically the Tower of Babel account in Genesis.

Presented by Dr Robert Carter

Dr Carter is currently a senior scientist and speaker for CMI-US in Atlanta, Georgia, and currently researches human genetics and other issues related to biblical creation.

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What people are saying about Ancient DNA

“This fascinating ‘documentary style presentation’ hits the ground running. Dr Robert Carter’s fast-paced, clear explanations never skip a beat. And combined with state-of-the-art graphical content, this makes for a truly gripping audio-visual learning experience—not hype, but simply the truth. There is so much food for thought here on many levels. In fact, I would describe this presentation as required viewing for anyone serious about engaging with the challenge of ancient DNA—biblical creationists, ID theorists, ‘old-earth’ creationists, theistic evolutionists, and those still undecided! Learn, think hard, digest, and face the challenge of following where this compelling scientific evidence leads. Tremendously faith-building.”

Philip Bell

CEO, Creation Ministries International (UK/Europe)

“Dr Robert Carter's film, Ancient DNA, is an enlightening masterpiece that delves deep into the mysteries of our DNA past. With meticulous research and captivating commentary, Dr Carter unravels the secrets encoded within this new field of exciting creationist research. His expertise and passion shine through, leaving viewers spellbound and bringing history to life—a must-watch for anyone fascinated by our shared human heritage and the wonders of genetics.”

Andrew Mulcahy

CEO, Creation Ministries International (New Zealand)

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