Journal of Creation

Our peer-reviewed journal is at the cutting-edge of origins research. It is published online in March, July, and November.

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Started in 1984, Journal of Creation brings you in-depth, peer-reviewed comment, reviews and the latest research findings that relate to origins and the biblical account of Creation, the Flood, and the Fall.

Faith-affirming answers to deep questions

Modern science poses some challenging questions, but the Journal of Creation will leave you assured of the trustworthiness of creation.

Rigorously logical and biblically consistent scientific journal

Unlike most other journals, Journal of Creation is both scientific and biblically accurate. Faith and science can work together.

Topics covered

  • Philosophy
  • Theology
  • Archaeology
  • Social Sciences
  • Biology
  • Cosmology
  • And much more!
  • Providing the latest in origins research

    Journal of Creation covers a wide spectrum of studies, not just the hard sciences. Powerful articles have appeared on topics such as philosophy, theology, history, archaeology, social sciences, just to name a few!

    It strives to publish papers that promote the development of rigorously logical, biblically consistent models in various areas.


    What people are saying about Journal of Creation

    ...The Journal of Creation: It is a terrific source of information, and I've enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work. I ask The Lord God to bless, prosper and protect Creation Ministries International and all your people and affiliates, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    [The Journal of Creation]’s contributors consistently demonstrate expertise in their field and a love of truth. They consistently rely on standard evidence and reasoning ... Before encountering J. Creation, I had low expectations for creation science. Based on my experience, creation science relied too much on poorly attested evidence and suspect reasoning. It seemed defensive and unproductive. I am so thankful for J. Creation and its related resources, and as expressed above, I have a very favorable opinion of your research program and practices.


    Who is the target audience?

    Journal of Creation is a scientific journal. It is most easily read by academic researchers or people with a deep interest and knowledge in relevant disciplines. The detailed articles allow for in-depth study on a variety of topics.

    How frequently are new issues released?

    Three issues of Journal of Creation are released each year, in March, July, and November. If you'd like to browse past issues and articles on our website, take a look at our online Journal of Creation archive.

    Can a print version of Journal of Creation be purchased?

    Journal of Creation is now available in digital formats only. You can view it online at journalofcreation.com or download a PDF for offline viewing. You are welcome to print articles for personal use.

    May I share articles with friends?

    Articles from Journal of Creation may be printed and used for personal purposes. You may share links to articles that have been posted on our online Journal of Creation archive but please do not share articles that CMI have not yet posted online.

    Are back issues available?

    A subscription purchase includes all available digital back issues.

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    When Dr Carl Wieland started Creation magazine in his home in 1978, little did he realize that today it would reach into over 110 countries around the world and have a huge impact on the lives of many.

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