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Answering questions about aliens/UFOs
We answer some questions regarding extraterrestrial life and UFOs.
by Gary Bates
UFOs as spiritual phenomena
Is it possible that some UFO sightings might be explained as demonic manifestations?
by Gary Bates
Alien Treaty
Should we make a treaty with aliens that might have advanced weapons and could destroy us before we know it? Who would sign it; for the people, for the aliens?
by Lucien Tuinstra
Prepare ye the way—the aliens are coming! Part two
Disclosure! A much-desired proclamation by the UFO community about alien visitations to the earth, might not be far away. Are we prepared?
by Gary Bates
Aliens in your bedroom?
The truth is out there .... if you really want to know.
by Mike Matthews
UFOs are not extraterrestrial!
Honest secular researchers are finding anomalies with the idea that UFOs are extraterrestrial in nature—mirroring the work of pioneer CMI researcher Gary Bates.
by Gary Bates
How to deal with experiencers
Gary Bates gives some strategies for talking with people who believe that they have seen or been abducted by extraterrestrials.
by Gary Bates
Sirius the documentary
A new UFO movie makes some startling claims about alleged evidence of alien visitations. But people need to look below the surface claims.
by Gary Bates
Two perspectives on near death experiences
How should we interpret experiences of people who claim to have seen the afterlife?
by Lita Cosner, Gary Bates
Why do some Christians suffer more than others?
The Lord never promised his people freedom from suffering before until the eternal state.
by Lita Sanders
Lifting the veil on the UFO phenomenon
A new age UFO investigator finds that only the Bible can explain the phenomenon. He now works to reveal the light of the gospel in dark places.
by Gary Bates
Ghosts, experience, and the Bible
The Bible is our ultimate authority, not experience.
by Lita Sanders