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Aliens in your bedroom?
The truth is out there .... if you really want to know.
by Mike Matthews
Hawking fear of aliens
Stephen Hawking worries that ET will be two-billion-years ‘more evolved’
by David Catchpoole
Lifting the veil on the UFO phenomenon
A new age UFO investigator finds that only the Bible can explain the phenomenon. He now works to reveal the light of the gospel in dark places.
by Gary Bates
Prepare ye the way—the aliens are coming!
A rash of news reports creates the illusion that an open alien visitation is imminent. But what is the agenda that is really driving these claims?
by Gary Bates
The UFO phenomenon—growing and not going away!
Society’s cultural views are constantly shifting to keep pace with its evolutionary worldview. Can the church get up to speed when much of it fails to identify the root cause?
by Gary Bates
Reaching out at Roswell
Thousands flock to Roswell to commemorate an alleged alien crash landing, but it is really about exploring and trying to understand their place in the universe.
by Gary Bates
NASA astronaut Ed Mitchell says aliens are with us
An American hero rocks the establishment with his spectacular claim of having ‘inside knowledge’ about UFO cover-ups. However, there is more to Ed Mitchell than meets the eye.
by Gary Bates
What really happened at Roswell?
Hundreds of thousands of ‘true believers’ celebrate the famous ‘Roswell aliens incident’ every year. But what really happened?
by Gary Bates
The ‘face’ on Mars
A myth based on the evolution-inspired belief in ‘aliens’ might now be put to bed.
by Gary Bates