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Martian Fossils? Dissecting the media hype
Yet another attempt to find evidence for life on Mars turns out to be little more than media hype.
by Lita Cosner and Gary Bates
Avatar Aspirations
An alternative religious belief is spawned by popular culture. A critic engages CMI without necessarily realizing the root of such beliefs.
by Gary Bates
Did God create life on other planets?
Would God create such a huge universe and not fill it with intelligent species? Actually, God has clearly revealed in His Word why not, and the purpose of the vastness of the cosmos
by Gary Bates
The Fourth Kind movie review
A scary movie allegedly based on real events seeks to diminish man’s importance at the center of God’s creation.
by Gary Bates
Reaching out at Roswell
Thousands flock to Roswell to commemorate an alleged alien crash landing, but it is really about exploring and trying to understand their place in the universe.
by Gary Bates
The return of the Nephilim?
According to the Israelite spies returning from the Promised Land, fearsome ‘giants’ were there. But hadn’t the Nephilim of Noah’s day all been destroyed in the Flood?
by Gary Bates
Taking creation evangelism to the streets!
Two friends find that ‘creation evangelism’ works in the market place!
by no author
NASA astronaut Ed Mitchell says aliens are with us
An American hero rocks the establishment with his spectacular claim of having ‘inside knowledge’ about UFO cover-ups. However, there is more to Ed Mitchell than meets the eye.
by Gary Bates
Out of this world!
You might be surprised at who believes in UFOs.
by Gary Bates
What really happened at Roswell?
Hundreds of thousands of ‘true believers’ celebrate the famous ‘Roswell aliens incident’ every year. But what really happened?
by Gary Bates
Off the planet!
A leading evolutionary scientist believes that a cosmic ‘greeting card’ could have been left in our DNA.
by By Gary Bates
ET needed evolution
There's something ET needed more than a spaceship, in order to reach Earth. And Charles Darwin provided it.
by David Catchpoole and Gary Bates