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Did God create life on other planets?
Would God create such a huge universe and not fill it with intelligent species? Actually, God has clearly revealed in His Word why not, and the purpose of the vastness of the cosmos
by Gary Bates
The return of the Nephilim?
According to the Israelite spies returning from the Promised Land, fearsome ‘giants’ were there. But hadn’t the Nephilim of Noah’s day all been destroyed in the Flood?
by Gary Bates
Prepare ye the way—the aliens are coming!
A rash of news reports creates the illusion that an open alien visitation is imminent. But what is the agenda that is really driving these claims?
by Gary Bates
Aliens in your bedroom?
The truth is out there .... if you really want to know.
by Mike Matthews
UFOs are not extraterrestrial!
Honest secular researchers are finding anomalies with the idea that UFOs are extraterrestrial in nature—mirroring the work of pioneer CMI researcher Gary Bates.
by Gary Bates
The Fourth Kind movie review
A scary movie allegedly based on real events seeks to diminish man’s importance at the center of God’s creation.
by Gary Bates
What really happened at Roswell?
Hundreds of thousands of ‘true believers’ celebrate the famous ‘Roswell aliens incident’ every year. But what really happened?
by Gary Bates
Why do some Christians suffer more than others?
The Lord never promised his people freedom from suffering before until the eternal state.
by Lita Sanders
Lifting the veil on the UFO phenomenon
A new age UFO investigator finds that only the Bible can explain the phenomenon. He now works to reveal the light of the gospel in dark places.
by Gary Bates
Life on Mars?
Life from Mars? Remember evolutionists’ claims about Antarctic meteorite 25 years ago? CMI’s original articles have stood the test of time. Now decisive confirmation by Mars rovers.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Was Jesus an alien?
How can we show the absurdity of the ‘alien Jesus’ idea?
by Shaun Doyle
UFOlogy: the world’s fastest-growing ‘scientific’ religion?
Belief in extraterrestrial life and UFOs has all the hallmarks of a religion, except it’s one that’s backed by numerous scientists.
by Gary Bates, Lita Cosner