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The confusion of liberalism
Conversational approaches to studying Scripture can lead to liberalism, where truth and values become relative.
by Andrew Sibley
AI replacing pastors and rewriting God’s Word?
Vegans using ChatGPT to re-write Scripture and an AI church preachers. Are there dangers as people are more inclined to rely on robots?
by Lucien Tuinstra
How to have a right relationship with God
The Old Testament sacrificial system was never meant to abolish sin; it was a means of confession of sins and a demonstration of repentance
by Russell Grigg
Genesis and the Resurrection
Many Christians commemorate the resurrection of Jesus every year, but what has belief in Genesis got to do with belief in the resurrection?
by Joel Tay
The multiple ‘Adams’ of Scripture
Why the Bible calls Jesus the last Adam rather than the second Adam.
by Jim Hughes and Shaun Doyle
The Adams of Scripture
Were there just two ‘Adams’ in Scripture, or more?
by Shaun Doyle and Jim Hughes
Exodus 3:14 and God’s immutability
What does God’s revelation about Himself at the burning bush imply about His immutability?
by Shaun Doyle
Christianity vs Hinduism
What are the differences? Why embrace Christianity?
by Shaun Doyle
Easter: What do we celebrate and why?
Discover the remarkable power of the significance of Easter
by Russell Grigg
Why must God be good?
What does the fact that there can be nothing greater than God say to this?
by Shaun Doyle
Must God give people a chance at salvation?
God is perfectly good. Does that mean he must give everyone a chance at salvation?
by Shaun Doyle
Guidance to understand Scripture
Advice on how to know the Bible better, including how Old and New Testaments relate.
by Keaton Halley