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‘Useful idiot’—who, me?
One correspondent took umbrage at the term ‘useful idiot’ to describe theistic evolutionists in a CMI article. Is the adage, ‘If the shoe fits, wear it’ justified?
by P Bell and J Sarfati
An unconvincing Shroud story
This book presents a fascinating but impossible thesis for the origin and significance of the Shroud of Turin.
by Lita Sanders
Biologos fails with Is Genesis History critique
A big failure.
by Tas Walker
Science, history, and the Bible
Where do evolution and the Bible fit into how we investigate science and history?
by Shaun Doyle
The Resurrection and Genesis
Jesus’ resurrection was a historical event, and it depends on the historical reality of the events of Genesis 1.
by Lita Sanders
Priest calls CMI heretical
Is he right?
by Lita Sanders
Genesis 1 and theories of origin
Dr John Dickson responds to Prof. Zuiddam’s criticism of his attempt to make room for secular origins ‘science’ in Genesis 1 and Prof. Zuiddam replies.
by John Dickson and Benno Zuiddam
Is God ‘simple’?
Does God have parts?
by Shaun Doyle, Tas Walker
William Lane Craig flubs on the Flood
William Lane Craig misrepresents biblical creationists about the Flood, speciation, and migration.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Interpreting Genesis
Why is it so important to interpret Genesis as reliable history?
by Carl Wieland, Jonathan Sarfati
Is the Bible our sole final authority?
How do we know which books should be in the Bible which should not?
by Lita Sanders
Is God ‘forced by His nature’ to be loving?
Is God forced to be loving by his nature?
by Shaun Doyle