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Creation in-depth: Genesis confirmed in clay
Despite secular claims that the Genesis account is a myth borrowed from various earlier sources, author Bill Cooper discovers the reverse is true.
by Dominic Statham
Answering moral nihilism
Is God’s definition of ‘good’ arbitrary?
by Lita Sanders
Gay Marriage—a big stick to beat the church with
Gay marriage is becoming the law of the land—and Christians are being ordered to cater to this in ways that violate our faith.
by Gary Bates
An ‘old-earth’ answer provides only problems
An old-earth fails to deal with the major point raised in a CMI article. In fact, he actually makes the point and ignores four fundamental problems.
by Gary bates
Adam and Eve
What does the Bible tell us about our earliest ancestors?
by Lita Sanders
Gay marriage: right or wrong?
Do you have answers in this critical area?
by dont want this
How Genesis 13 undermines the ‘gap theory’
A new angle on why the Gap Theory holds no water—comparing Genesis 1 with Genesis 13.
by Phil Robinson
Yahweh the Creator God of Israel
How do the Old Testament’s statements about the Creator God relate to our thinking about Jesus?
by Lita Sanders
Is Genesis 1 Just Reworked Babylonian Myth?
The larger body of evidence shows why the simplistic claims do not work.
by Murray Adamthwaite
Spacetime and the Trinity
Is Jesus intrinsically bound in spacetime?
by Shaun Doyle
Abortion: an indispensable right or violence against women?
Sex-selection abortion has resulted in killing girl babies, leading to a surplus of men. This is a dilemma for today’s abortion-on-demand feminists, who betray the pro-life stance of the feminist founders.
by Lita Sanders
Is there a universal way Christians should interpret the Bible?
Many Christians struggle to know how the scriptures should be interpreted. This is particularly problematic for many looking at the book of Genesis.
by Calvin Smith